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The scholarship will award $10,000, payable to the college or university the winner will attend.

Racing was a dream come true for Jeff, and the organizers and sponsors of the scholarship hope that the money awarded will help the recipient in reaching his or her own dreams. The scholarship will not only help Jeff's legacy live on, but also help in creating a better future for deserving young adults.



In the past, we have asked you what song or poem inspired you and why. This year we want to broaden the topic to include anything that truly inspires you. Be honest and open. (For example, a song, a poem, a movie, an event historical or otherwise, a book, a field of study or a person.)


Thursday, January 24, 2019


Jeff Krosnoff Scholarship
PO Box 8585
La Crescenta, Ca. 91214-0585



Four-year college bound California high school seniors with excellent academic credentials who have demonstrated a breadth of interests, a driving desire to succeed in their chosen endeavors, outstanding community citizenship and the ability to share their experiences through the written word.

Applicants should have a cumulative grade point average in grades 9-12 of at least 3.0.

And complete the application and essay. Don't write what you think we want to hear.. We'll know. Be honest and forthcoming.


Each application MUST do the following:

-Complete Student Application Form. (<----- LINK) so you can download and fill out the form.

-Enclose a copy of your high school transcripts. These transcripts can be unofficial.

-One copy of the essay, which should be 2-4 type printed pages in length, double spaced. Do not hand write your essay.

-Staple your application form, transcripts and other information to your original type printed essay.

-Include only contact information of your references on the application. There is no need to send Letters of References. We will contact your references.

-Send materials postmarked on or before the deadline.

-In the case of a close decision there may be a short phone interview.


Applicants will be evaluated by members of the Jeff Krosnoff Scholarship Committee and a panel of corporate judges. The written essay will be given the greatest weight in the selection of the Scholarship recipient.

The winner will be notified by phone in spring of 2017.


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