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Welcome! to the homepage for the Jeff Krosnoff Scholarship Fund. This scholarship was established in memory of racer Jeff Krosnoff. In the 31 years that Jeff lived, he left an everlasting memory with all that he touched. He was a talented race-car driver, a devoted husband, a loyal friend and a published writer. It is in this spirit that the Jeff Krosnoff Scholarship was created. Within this web site, you will find information on the scholarship, the scholarship sponsors and Jeff's racing career. For the funds most recent events, please check out the Latest News.

2013-2014 was the 17th year a scholarship has been awarded. In the previous years, the winners have used the $10,000 scholarship to attend Georgetown, Dartmouth, Harvard, Stanford (3), San Francisco State, Oklahoma State, UNLV, M.I.T., Willamette University, Columbia (3), Penn, UCLA and UC Berkeley. For more information on the scholarship requirements, important dates and application form, check out the Scholarship page.

NOTE: Please read all information on the Scholarship page very carefully so your application is processed properly.

Click the Stay Hungry logo to see more pictures of Jeff courtesy of Speedcenter and Peter Burke.


  Jeff Krosnoff  

Born: September 24, 1964

Raised: La Canada, Ca.

Degree: BA Psychology (UCLA)

Hobbies: Golf, biking, drums, journalism, photography, model building, and giving me a hard time.



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